Rice is one of the important cash crop in the agriculture industry, it’s potential to transform the economy of a nation cannot be over emphasized. However, these potentials can only be realized when the local rice industry is given the needed attention and investment it desires. To achieve massive transformation of the local rice industry in Ghana; The Ghana Rice Inter-Professional Body (GRIB) and Ghana Rice Advocacy Council (GRAC) have taken it upon themselves to lead the agenda of transforming the local rice sector. Various projects are currently being carried out in order for this goal to be a reality, notable among these projects is the Ghana National Rice Festival which is organized every year since 2012, to create a common platform for various players in the local industry to interact, network and market Ghana Rice brands and also create awareness among consumers to patronize our local rice which brings lot of benefits to our economy and health.

The festival has the aim of bringing together all the major stakeholders and actors in the local Rice industry to exhibit their products. It also affords those in the provision of services along the value chain to make their presence recognized. It is an opportunity for rice farmers, marketers, aggregators, processors, service providers and consuming public to interact and sample or taste the different kind of dishes that can be prepared from Ghana Rice to increase consumption among the Ghanaians and also to encourage farmers to grow more rice and it effect clamp down on the importation of rice into the country.

The festival also exposes the local rice industry to the general public and the international world through the media thereby having the potential to attract investors worldwide to come and invest in the sector. The participation of the general public is vital for the improvement of Ghana Rice industry.

This Ghana rice festival is associated with  Efua Sutherland Children’s Park opposite Kempinski Hotel in Accra-Ghana, the organizers want it to be an annual grand event that will be a propeller to project the worth of Rice Farmers and all the actors in the value chain. some of the activities that occur during the festival include but not limited to, grand opening with speeches from invited guest with the key note speech delivered by the president of the Republic, exhibition of branded rice product from the Rice industry, wares of service providers, activities and programs of agencies that are supporting actors along the value chain and interview stand where individuals get to interact with the actors on the field of the issues. Also, there will be a forum where the major stakeholders in the rice industry on issues relating to the quality of the rice produced in the country and measures and improve the standard of local rice (branding and packaging).  The second day normally will be in a form of family gathering or funfair where family and friends can come around and have fun whilst they are exposed to various aspects of the local rice industry. There will be activities such as cooking competition, bouncy castle for the kids, live band and many other intriguing stuff for every member of the family to engage in.  There are openings to sample or taste dishes prepared from Ghana rice.